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Innovative Digital Arithmetic Class
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Innovative Digital Arithmetic Class
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About us

Learning is fun!

NINJA STAR was launched in January 2024, with a primary focus on developing children's intelligence and cognition through enjoyable learning experiences in Vancouver, Canada.

Currently, we emphasize the importance of mental arithmetic, and we have introduced a tablet-device-based app called "Sorotouch."

We would be delighted to have you join us on this educational journey!

What is SoroTouch?

Cutting-edge Mental Arithmetic Learning Method

"Sorotouch" is a cutting-edge approach to teaching mental arithmetic, incorporating the principles of the soroban, a Japanese abacus, into a tablet app.


The unique design of the application allows students to enhance their concentration, memorization, and attention skills effectively.


Leveraging our patented technology, students can achieve mastery in mental arithmetic with exceptional efficiency. Notably, within a mere two years, 62% of students reach an advanced level of mental arithmetic.

Study Habits and Success Experiences

Sorotouch is designed for self-learning, and children do not require parental support.


By experiencing growth in ability through daily practice, Sorotouch develops a growth mindset. This mindset not only cultivates a sense of mastery over numbers but also establishes the groundwork for overall learning.


Furthermore, as students incorporate mental arithmetic into their daily lives, they naturally build confidence.

Learn Mental Arithmetic Skills while Having Fun! 

Sorotouch offers 20 exciting and diverse games, over 1000 missions, all featuring adorable characters.


You can enjoy learning by watching instructional videos to grasp game operations and listening to original songs designed for multiplication, and more.


Stay motivated by striving for top rankings through the regularly updated ranking system, and engage in friendly competition with friends worldwide to achieve high scores.

Recognized around the world,  received numerous awards!

  • Sorotouch's unique learning method is patented.
  • 2017: Awarded the Japan e-learning Grand Prize for the best learning method.
  • 2018: Received the Kids Design Award.
  • 2019: First Japanese company selected as a finalist in the Launch Competition.
  • 2020: Selected for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and JETRO's Future Classroom Overseas Development Support Program.

  • 2023: Signed an agreement with the Flash Anzan Association.

Download App

After downloading the app, please submit the required information via the Apply for a trial lesson form.



  • In-person lessons at the Nikkei Center.

  • Play games with your friends on a big screen!
  • Free parking available!
  • You can socialize with other parents!

Required equipment

- Tablet device [Operation Tested Devices]

- Headphones


  • Online remote lesson.

  • No waiting, drop-offs, or pick-ups!
  • Personal support through web camera!
  • Accessible from anywhere, even outside Canada!

Required equipment

- Tablet device [Operation Tested Devices]

- Device with a camera (smartphones acceptable)

You are always free to choose the style flexibly.

(e.g., "online only today due to illness," "classroom only today because of other lessons or vacations," etc.)


Enrollment Fee $150 + GST
(Discounts are available! Please see below for details.)
Lesson Fee $150 + GST / month
(including app fee)
Rent a tablet device
(Only if you wish)
$20/month + deposit $100
(The full deposit will be refunded upon return, unless it's damaged, submerged, or rendered otherwise unusable.)

Time Table





If you cannot find a lesson available in your preferred time, please select and submit your preferred time in the form below.

Lessons will be scheduled in the order of the time slots that more requests are received.


Please check the schedule for the updated information, and also check the Discord announcement if you are a member of the group.

Steps to the lesson

Apply for a trial lesson
Please fill out and submit the Apply for a trial lesson form below.
Attend a trial lesson
Please attend a lesson free of charge in a classroom in the Nikkei Center or online.
If you don't have a tablet, you can use one for free as long as there is an available device for rent.
Post on Google Review (optional)
If you post a review on here, you can take as many free lessons as you want until the end of the month you applied.
(Therefore, we recommend that you apply at the beginning of the month.)
If you are still interested after the free trial, please fill out and submit the Enrollment form!If you enter the coupon code or are referred by a friend, your enrollment fee will be waived, and the referrals will receive a $5 gift card.Even if neither of these conditions is met, please contact us using the inquiry form for another discount.


Elise (English, Mandarin)

Multilingual, fluent in 4 languages

Mayumi (Japanese)



Please select an event in the calendar to see your ZOOM Meeting ID and password.

Dec 16th VJLS Trial

You can try out the app in person at the Vancouver Japanese Language School (487 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1C6).

This is particularly recommended for those without a tablet device. We have an iPad (10.2 inches), iPad mini (7.9 inches), and iPad Pro (12.9 inches) available.

Dec 17th Orientation+

Lesson (English)


at Nikkei Center Tsubaki

(6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, BC V5E 4M7)

You can try out in-person lessons with a trial account or a pre-created personal account.

If you have a tablet and earphones, please create an account here in advance and bring them with you.

For those who do not have a tablet, please feel free to try out the instructor's tablet if available.

Contact us


Please submit this form to request a free trial lesson. If you do not see a course that you can attend, please indicate all the days of the week and languages you would like to attend. You are welcome to try both Japanese and English.


If you do not have a tablet, you can rent one for free if available.


The "Nickname" is the name that will be displayed while using the app, and can be specified with a maximum of 12 characters. Please refer to the official Sorotouch ranking for ideas. 

If the requested nickname is already in use, we will append a random number at the end and proceed to create an account. If you have any other preferences, please feel free to contact us again.


If you post a google review after your trial, you are free to attend as many lessons as you like until the end of the month in which you applied for the trial.

Student's Full Name *
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Please enter all information required for membership.

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Please kindly refer to the FAQ before entering your question.

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There is no age limit, but an interest in numbers and the ability to understand the explanations in the videos are recommended. The speed of development varies from person to person, so please consult with us if you have any concerns.

On the other hand, research has shown that mental arithmetic is also effective in preventing dementia, and some adults and seniors begin the class for brain training. Parents are also welcome to enroll their children.

For more information, please click here.

Pre-authorized debit (PAD) allows for automatic withdrawals from your account, with the debit date set for the 26th of the preceding month.

You can switch between multiple accounts using a single tablet device. However, individuals enrolled in the same class will require separate devices.

While it is helpful to have parental support during the initial classes, after approximately one month, children will be able to attend classes independently

In online courses, there is generally no waiting time or idle periods, allowing you to focus on your lessons. If you find it challenging to maintain concentration, feel free to inform us so that we can review the lesson content."

We offer classes in the order of the most requested time slots in the survey, without dividing based on age or level.

Questions tailored to each individual's level are presented, ensuring that falling behind compared to other learners is not a concern, even if progress is slower.

Moreover, there are many games and missions that can be played together, even among learners with different levels. Siblings can comfortably attend the same class.

Please choose the course and time that are most convenient for you.

We recommend approximately 2 years. In our previous abacus classes, it took an average of 4.5 years to reach an advanced level, with an overall success rate of around 10%. However, with Sorotouch, more than 60% of students achieve advanced mental arithmetic skills in just two years, with an average duration of 20 months.

The retention rate tends to be lower for students who study alone. By inviting a friend to join the same class and engage in friendly competition, or by enrolling yourself as a parent or guardian and working together with your child, you can expect to maintain a higher level of motivation.

Sorotouch is a learning method that further applies the essence of the classic abacus and specializes in mental arithmetic. Additionally, the program follows a completely original curriculum based on data, ensuring clear and guaranteed results through consistent daily practice, independent of the instructor's proficiency

In July 2023, NINJA STAR signed an agreement with the Flash Anzan Association as Digika Inc. to allow students to take the Flash Anzan Examination sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

NINJA STAR plans to join when students have reached the level of proficiency required to take the certification test.

(Flash Anzan is the process of calculating the numbers that appear randomly and instantaneously on the computer screen.)

There are no specific specifications, so please use the one you already have if available. If you opt to purchase the product, wired has the advantage that there is no risk of forgetting to recharge the battery, no need to check the Bluetooth connection, and it is easier for children to operate.

On the other hand, while wireless is more portable and versatile, there may be a slight delay in audio. Please feel free to choose based on the pros and cons of each option.

You can change the name if it is not already in use. Please contact us using the form.

Kindly bring your tablet and headphones, if you possess them.

You'll have the opportunity to test it on your trial account.

In case you don't have a tablet, an instructor's device can be used if one is available at the time.

Kindly utilize the form below to contact us for withdrawal requests by the 25th of the following month. Upon submission of your withdrawal request, your account will remain active until the end of the current month, allowing you to attend lessons during this period.

It is important to note that on the 26th, your account will be debited for the upcoming month, and no refunds will be processed after payment.

Yes, the fee is $20 per month. A $100 deposit is required, but it will be fully refunded upon return, unless the unit is damaged, submerged, or otherwise unusable. Please be aware that the first month's fee is calculated from the start date of the rental to the end of the month, even if it falls in the middle of the month. If you are interested in renting a device, kindly let us know by filling out the inquiry form.

For details on the devices compatible with Sorotouch and other updates,

please check the FAQ section on the official Sorotouch website.